Several cats have found their forever homes this January, and the month isn’t even half through yet! Sweet tabby Posh was only with PAWS for a brief time. As it turns out, she needed to get home for the new school semester – her new mom is in college and Posh is her new study buddy! We’re sure this sweet girl will take her collegiate cat duties very seriously.

Milo was on of the cats who set the tone in whichever cat room he was in due to his super friendly personality. With a loving soul like that, we knew it was only a matter of time before Milo chose his humans and they fell in love with him back, and that exact thing happened last week! His new mom works from home, so this very social boy will not have to worry about not getting enough attention.

And in especially exciting news, one of our cats in foster care found his forever home as well! Clyde had been staying in the shelter after his previous owner passed away, but shelter living took a toll on his health so he went in to foster care where he could thrive. He stayed in his foster home for nearly a year and half when a couple who was looking for a companion to them and their anxious rescue dog read about him online. Clyde’s previous experience living with dogs and cool, confident personality made him a perfect fit for them, so they arranged to meet him and hit it off! While his foster dad and everyone who knew him at PAWS will miss him terribly, we’re beyond thrilled that he has found such a wonderful home.



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