Meet Dakota!


Male, Mixed breed, 5 years old

Medium/Large dog, 56lbs fully grown


New to leash walking but polite, will need basic obedience training 

Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, current on flea preventative

Would do best in a home with no cats

Adoption fee: $125


While his true heritage is a mystery, his big fluffy head and little bob tail make us suspect that perhaps he is not a dog at all but the sweetest little grizzly bear. 

With a personality as unique as his appearance, Dakota is full of adorable quirks. Sometimes romping in full zoomie mode and others sleeping peacefully at your feet, Dakota does everything to the fullest be it play, relaxation, or cuddling.

In his short time at PAWS so far we have watched Dakota learn to enjoy the company and attention of his people, to play with reckless abandon, and to bask in the warmth of the Coronado sun. While we don’t know much about his past, it is clear that Dakota is on his way to living his best life, and he is ready to find the family to join him on that journey

Color Code: Orange

This dog is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people. The definition of outgoing, orange dogs can be described as bubbly, vibrant, and enthusiastic. An orange dog is an instant best friend!