cougar a golden tabby cat for adoption has 3 new years wishes

I wish I may, I wish I might…

Get a new home and family with a canine companion for the New Year!

Cougar is a beautiful Golden Tabby cat for adoption who prefers living with dogs rather than with other cats.

She lights up when she sees a dog near the window of the cat community room where she resides. In fact, Cougar was in a foster home for a while and loved living with the family and their dog.

Cougar is an affectionate and playful cat as long as there is not another cat moving ion on her territory. For some reason she just prefers people and dogs. We are okay with that and know that there is the purrfect family out there for Cougar.

Are you and your dog looking for a loving feline companion? If you are, let’s arrange for you and your dog to come meet Cougar and maybe, just maybe you will fulfill all of her New Year’s wishes!

You can meet Cougar at the Coronado Animal Care Facility and you can arrange a meet and greet between your dog and Cougar by calling Bob at 619-840-9724.

The facility is open daily between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (except major holidays) and is located at 1395 First Street at the south end of the Ferry Landing complex.


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