Coronado Animal Care Facility

In addition to housing the majority of the PAWS operations, the Coronado Animal Care Facility operates in a partnership with the Coronado PD to provide complete animal services to the City of Coronado. The enforcement of animal regulations is provided by the CPD, and the ACF provides vital animal welfare services and functions as the host for the PAWS programs. 

A Loving Home

The ACF serves as emergency housing for animals found as strays in Coronado, relinquished and seized animals, and lost pets waiting to be reunited with their families.

Every animal brought to the Coronado ACF is provided with essential food, water and shelter, emergency medical care if necessary, and are treated with compassion and kindness. 

Reuniting Families

The ACF serves as a resource to Coronado community members who have lost or found a pet. Found pets are housed at the ACF and our staff works to reunite them with their families as quickly as possible.

Owners with lost pets can report them to the ACF to be posted across our social media profiles and website for local exposure.  

Ensuring Coronado Animal Safety

Current animal licenses are required for all dogs and cats residing within the City of Coronado. The ACF issues animal licenses on the premises and electronically with current vaccinations. 

Creating Healthy Futures

At the ACF, emergency and routine medical care is provided to Coronado’s stray animals. From flea prevention to in-house neuter surgeries, the medical staff work tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of all animals. 

If you have lost a pet who was brought to PAWS, or are adopting a pet who was cared for through the ACF, you can be assured that they have received high-quality medical care. 

Relinquishing Your Pet

If you are no longer able to care for your pet, they may be relinquished to the ACF where legal ownership will be transferred to PAWS of Coronado.

Relinquishing Process
Appointments are required to relinquish your pet and can be made by calling the ACF at (619) 522-7371. Staff will verify your eligibility and provide you with a relinquishment questionnaire. Bring the completed questionnaire, any medical/
immunization records you have for the pet, and a $20 relinquishment fee per animal to your appointment.

Program Restrictions
Pets may only be relinquished to the ACF if their owners are Coronado residents who can provide valid ID and proof of address. Exceptions to the residency rules can only be made for animals who were previously adopted through PAWS of Coronado.