Meet Champagne!

Looking for a Special Friend..

Champagne was named not for the color of her fur, but for the ceremonial New Year’s Eve toast offered on her arrival date, December 31st. While she was briefly adopted last month she started showing signs of illness, and came back to PAWS for medical care and diagnosis. 

Just like many of us, Champagne is ready to shake off the past and enjoy a fresh start in 2021. While her personality is quiet and shy, she remains a forever kitten in appearance at the petite size of just six pounds. She longs for companionship, but on her terms; she isn’t the type to climb right in your lap, but instead will lounge right by your side leaning in for your pets.

Champagne will need time and patience as she adjusts to her forever home, and will need the support of a prescription diet throughout her life. As Champagne is given time to feel comfortable in her new surroundings, her charming personality will bubble over.

Female, 8yo, 6lbs, Very Petite

DSH, Black with white spotting

Requires a special prescription diet

Spayed, Microchipped, Immunized

Current on Flea Preventative

Good with Kids: NO

Good with Cats: No

Good with Dogs: No

Home Environment: Quiet