Cat City Manager Candidate

More About Charlie

Coronado Charlie has many characteristics that qualify him to be Cat City Manager of Coronado!

The most outstanding qualification is that he is clothed with a “C” on his back coat! The “C” stands for “Coronado Charlie”.

Yet he has countless characteristics. He is a civil citizen, yet a cool cat! He is in charge, of the highest caliper. He is clever, clear-headed, crafty, credible, curious, cunning, charismatic, cooperative, considerate, cordial, casual, and calls for courage and courtesy to collaborate and comply. He cares less for canines. He controls cheerfully. He would send noncompliant to the calaboose.

Sometimes he is clownish, a comic. He sometimes comes on command for food, committed to be a good companion, and continues to be capable and careful of showing concern to his disabled owner. He continues to consume his choice, chicken and gravy from his other caregiver. One can calculate where he is by the clink of his collared bell. He chooses a comfortable corner or chair for his daily catnap. He is a classic, carnivorous chap!

He is captivated by a hummingbird nesting out side the window. He communicates with her calmly, and certainly, he would love to catch her. Currently he loves considerable caresses and compliments.

In conclusion, (it is no coincidence), Coronado Charlie is campaigning to be chosen. Cat City Manager. Under the circumstances, he is confident he is the best, concrete candidate.

With no calamites, he calculates a contribution of cash or check to Paws of Coronado and some candid camera shots.