cats miney and mo have ptsd and need a home

Do you have room in your heart and home for a feline, but are not in a position to adopt or just want to help cats in need?

We are currently looking for a long term foster home for the siblings Miney and Mo, now 5 years old. Both cats – but particularly Miney – suffer from PTSD and need a cat savvy person to help them build their trust and gain confidence.

Their story

Miney and Mo are PAWS alumni, born at the shelter in April 2012 along with their sister Inney. Inney was adopted into a family with a resident cat and Miney and Mo were adopted together. For the first year or so, we had regular updates with photos from their mom and everything was wonderful.

Miney a black tabby kitten for adoption

Miney as a kitten

Mo a kitten for adoption

Mo as a kitten

Mom married a military man and they were transferred to Hawaii where Miney and Mo suffered through the required 6 month quarantine. This experience left them both traumatized and altered their personalities. After that experience, they did not interact as much with their owners and became less outgoing and more fearful.

Two more moves – back to the States and then to San Diego – made the cats even more cautious and stressed. A final move to a place that did accept pets led to their return to PAWS.

When they were returned, the supplies given to us included a dog catcher’s net with the admonishment, “You’re going to need this with these two.”

Of course we put the net away and never used it on the cats. And really, there was never a need – they were hunkered down, terrified and yet still accepting of quiet, gentle loving.

Slowly, but surely, Miney and Mo reacted to the TLC showered on them by staff and volunteers and we began to see glimmers of the delightful felines we once knew.

On November 26 of last year, Miney and Mo were adopted along with another PAWS cat named Inga. Their new family now included the three cats, mom, dad, and the family dog.

Things did not go smoothly – Miney was scared and living under the bed and once Mo gained some courage and came out from his hiding place, he worked at letting the dog know he was the alpha pet. Despite mom’s best efforts, this was not a good situation and so Miney and Mo once again ended up back at the shelter.

Given time and TLC, they have settled down and we are starting to see the loving felines we know they can be. But life at the shelter is not ideal for these two and they do not “show” well to visitors aka potential adopters. Additionally, Miney has moments when she gets spooked and runs around frantically, while emitting a high pitched mew. This is turn upsets Mo and he tries to comfort her as best he can.

We would like to see them in a loving home with a cat savvy person who can allow them the time and give them the safe space they need to overcome the traumas they have experienced and blossom into the happy, loving cats we know they can be.

Miney and Mo will be enrolled in our Lifetime Care Program and the Cat Adoption Team will work closely with you to provide proven tips and techniques to help Miney and Mo live happier, healthier lives.

If you are interested in giving Miney and Mo a home or if you have any questions, please contact Bob, the head of the Cat Adoption Team at 619-840-9727 or email us at

If you cannot take in these lovely cats yourself, please help spread the word in any way you can – together we can find Miney & Mo a home!


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