skylar a brown tabby cat for adoption is quite content

It’s a great week for tabby cats! Many visitors to the ACF recently have gotten to meet Skylar, the sweet and petite cat that came in so shy she wouldn’t come out of her cubby. With lots of love and TLC from volunteers and staff, Skylar gained confidence and came out of her shell. With such a loving personality, she needed a loving home, and now she has found one! She was adopted on Tuesday by a wonderful family. She took to them right away when they came in to meet her, and we know they are a great match!

wingnut a brown tabby cat for adoption from paws of coronado is a hunk!

Wingnut has been turning heads every since he arrived, thanks to his size and  handsome markings, not to mention his super outgoing personality! This big kitty needed a family with a big heart to match! His new parents came in and impressed us with their cat savvy nature, not to mention how Wingnut interacted so happily with them. He’s going to have a great time in a home all of his own!


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