Meet Cassie!


It’s hard to determine how Cassie will charm you first; armed with both a contagious smile and the sweetest hugs no one has yet resisted falling in love with our newest resident.

Born with a heart so gold it shines through to her eye, Cassie is a natural friend. She’s quick to comfort young pups, and gentle enough to live even in a home with younger children. 

Sure to blend some goofy enthusiasm into her otherwise easy going personality, Cassie can be your source of both love and laughter for years to come. If it has felt like something is missing lately in your home, Cassie is ready and willing to fill that gap with priceless wiggles, wet kisses, and beaming grins. 


Female, 3 year old, Terrier Mix

Medium Dog, 44lbs, Fully Grown

Polite on her leash

Quickly learning basic commands

Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, current on flea preventative

Adoption fee: $125

Color Code: Orange

This dog is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people. The definition of outgoing, orange dogs can be described as bubbly, vibrant, and enthusiastic. An orange dog is an instant best friend!