Meet Cash & June!

Cash & June

Male, Chihuahua Mix

8 Years Old, 15lbs

Female, Chihuahua Mix

10 Years old, 12 pounds


Need to be in an adult only home, with no other pets

PAWS will provide three training sessions to help insure a smooth transition to their forever home

Adoption fee: $100 (together)



The younger part of this dynamic duo, eight year old Cash is quicker to run, jump, fetch, and play.

This ham for the camera can play with gusto, but also enjoys a good cuddle and a blanket burrito. Cash lives every day with enthusiasm, as long as little Juney is by his side.


Depending on the photo, we can’t be sure if June is a dog, a baby deer, or a pretzel , but we know for certain that she is dangerously cute.

June loves to be pet and held in your lap, but what she loves most is to be cuddled up with her other half Cash.

Color Code: 

Cash: Blue

The introverted group, blue dogs need time to adapt as you work to form an everlasting bond together. They are bashful and timid, but if given the opportunity to become comfortable with you they are loyal and loving pets.

June: Purple

Purple dogs can be initially shy, but they warm up quickly and are full of personality. Carefree, engaging, and adaptive, purple dogs reward a little patience with a lifetime of love  .