Meet Caramel & Mocha!

Best friends for life

 If anything can make a Mocha even sweeter it’s a little bit of Caramel. 

These ladies are a family by choice and bonded for life. Cuddle buddies, playmates, and confidence builders for each other, together Mocha and Caramel are ready to explore the new wide world and to expand their friendship to include you. 

Sweet little Caramel is the first to burst out of her bubble with youthful enthusiasm, but more mature Mocha is never far behind. While much of everyday life seems new to them, they are willing to trust, ready to learn, and easily overcome with joy contagious to those around him. 

This partnership is ready to become part of a family; a line ready to become a circle. For those willing to make room for not one, but two new little buddies, Mocha and Caramel are ready to find their way home for the holidays.


Bonded, adult female dogs

Mocha: Shepherd mix, 4 years old, 45lbs, fully grown

Caramel: Terrier mix, 2 years old, 30lbs, fully grown

Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventative


Gain confidence and comfort when in each others company

Sweet & gentle

Adoption fee: $200 as a bonded pair