Meet Buster!

Your best buddy Buster

 Social, sturdy, and easy to handle, Buster would make a great first rabbit for adults and children alike. 

While mature and gentle, Buster remains  youthfully spry and delightfully clever. The first to find a path to the tallest perch in the room, Buster thrives with a nice cozy den, a bowl full of snacks, and opportunities to exercise his legs and mind. 

While he enjoys a challenge, he’s also content to relax in a lap or his pen and could be anyone’s ideal rabbit. Sweet and irresistibly soft, we are sure Buster will quickly capture the heart of any family who meets him.


Male, mature adult rabbit

Rex rabbit, white

8.5 lbs, fully grown

Neutered, microchipped, RHDV2 vaccinated

Litter box trained

Social with people, sweet and gentle

Adoption fee: $50