Meet B.C.! 

That’s one Big Cat!

Transferred from our coalition partners at the San Diego Humane Society, BC arrived in pet carrier that prevented us from seeing much aside from his eyes. As we opened the rather light carrier to introduce him to his new home, we reached in to lift him and were shocked to see just how much cat came out of the box. With not much else to say but “now that’s a big cat”, BC became an official member of the PAWS family. 

At 12lbs Big Cat is not particularly heavy for an adult cat, but his presence is much larger than just his weight. A perfect teddy bear, BC is as tender as they come and a true gentle giant. While friendly and affectionate, he can become overwhelmed when there is too much activity around him and would do best in a quiet household. BC gets along well with his feline roommates but takes a few days to become comfortable in new environments. 

Five years young with a whole life to live, BC is ready to find the forever family who will allow him to enjoy his ideal balance of quiet relaxation and session spent lounging with you as the perfect oversized lap cat. 


Male, 5 years old

DSH, Tabby, 12lbs

Neutered, vaccinate, microchipped, current on flea preventative

Home environment: calm-moderate

Good with cats:

Good with dogs:

Good with kids:

Adoption fee: $50