Meet Astro!


Astro is all spunk from his mohawk down to his toes. 

The expressiveness of his eyebrows, his entire unique language, and his confident strut help this pint sized pup create a larger than life persona. Confident and prancing on his walks outside, yet affectionate and tender when indoors with his people, no day with Astro will be lonely or boring. 

Creating a bond with Astro can take a little bit of time, but good things often do and nothing will be sweeter than his everlasting friendship. If you are ready to roll on the floor laughing, fill your phone with pictures of his hysterical expressions, and settle down at the end of the day with a best friend on your lap, Astro is the dog for you. 


Male, 5 year old, Chinese Crested mix

Small Dog, 20 lbs, fully grown


Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventatives

Should be the only pup in his forever home

Adoption fee: $125

Color Code: Blue

The introverted group, blue dogs need time to adapt as you work to form an everlasting bond together. They are bashful and timid, but if given the opportunity to become comfortable with you they are loyal and loving pets.