Meet Asher!

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice…

Both devilishly handsome and charmingly devious, Asher is the perfect balance of sugar and spice.

Engaging and energetic, Asher would do best in an active home with lots of space to explore. An expert in play, Asher can find endless enjoyment in a laser pointer or a magic wand, but will need time and space between play sessions to avoid overstimulation. Spiciest when he finds himself bored Asher craves a life of constant adventure.

Though often active, Asher does tire like us all and in those moments he demonstrates his master level lounging skills. As interested in feline companionship as human, Asher would make a great best friend to another confident cat who could match (and not be intimidated by) his energy. 

No matter the makeup of his forever family, whoever takes Asher home should be prepared to be awed by his beauty, amused by his shenanigans, and prepared to fall quickly in mutual love.  


Male, 3 years old, Smokey Black/White DMH, Neutered


Current on Immunizations

Good with kids: Older kids only who can respect his boundaries

Good with cats: Yes, other dominant cats 

Dogs: Respectful dogs are a possibility.

Home environment: Moderate-Active

Prone to Mild Hyperstimulation 

Adoption Fee – $50