The lovely Tuxedo cat Anise was the first adoption of 2015 – and what a wonderful adoption it has been!

From the start, Anise and her new mom formed a wonderful family. After just two weeks, her new mom had this to say:

Anise is adjusting to my routine. She ran to the door tonight meowing. I thought it was because she had no food but not so. She wanted attention. I don’t think the name Anise is going to stick. The current is Lucy but not sure about it either. I think we need to get to know each other more.

She loves sleeping on my bed and will curl up in my lap when I watch movies. This is just what I had hoped for. But I haven’t figured out how to play with her yet. She loses interest pretty quickly. A friend of mine is giving me a cat tree. I can’t wait to see how she likes it.

I am so glad I came to your shelter. I would have been overwhelmed at the county shelter and sad because I know many of them never find homes. I thought I was looking for a tabby but her whiskers sold me. They are soooo long.

Thank you so much. It’s great to have a cat again!

Anise is now called Lydia and Kim Johnson (PAWS photographer) recently gave us another update:

These photos show Lydia enjoying her first day trying out a leash and harness. She took to it pretty well.

Her mom loves gardening in the apartment complex where they live. Lydia seemed interested in the world outside her door, so Janet and I tried the leash on for size. Lydia marched right down the stairs, into the yard, and came across Toby the bunny, sunning himself.

When she’d seen enough, Lydia trotted back up to their apartment, as if her curiosity had been satisfied.

It was fun to see her safely enjoying the outdoors while keeping an eye on her mom. Lydia looks healthy, happy and is definitely loved!

Anise Meets Toby Anise On Leash



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