Tired of the national campaigns, debates, caucuses and constant arguing?  Instead of focusing on that for another  eight long months, consider joining in the PAWS of Coronado Canine Mayoral Race!

Our current Coronado Canine Mayor, Bentley James Webster, has done a fabulous job.  But now it’s time for him to turn over the gavel to someone new.  Imagine your fabulous Fido as Mayor of our fine City: leading the delegation of PAWS volunteers in the Fourth of July Parade and greeting two and four footed dignitaries at fund raisers, ribbon cuttings and open houses.  It could be your dog as Mayor, with happy yaps and tail wagging, showing off Coronado to be the animal lovers’ oasis it truly is.

Applications and details can be found on the PAWS website or at the Coronado Animal Care Facility, located at 1395 First Street.  Entry into the race closes on February 29th and then the campaigning will begin.

Come along, have fun and let your dog’s talent for impressing the voters and giving them something to smile about shine through.

Author: PAWS of Coronado Media Editor

Photo credit: Newf in My Soup Photography (originally posted on eCoronado.com)




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