Sadie and Hailey have gone to their forever home, together!  When the new parents originally submitted their adoption application, Sadie had not yet arrived at the Coronado Animal Care Facility (ACF), so the parents planned to adopt Hailey and another small dog. On adoption day the dad noticed Sadie, a Retriever/Shepherd Mix, in her kennel room. He immediately said that he would love to adopt her. Since Sadie is the type of dog he had originally been seeking, he knew in his heart that he could provide a great home for her.

This Navy family with four children is a perfect fit for Sadie and Hailey, giving both dogs plenty of love and attention.  Adopting Sadie and Hailey was a surprise for the children who have been smiling since the dogs arrived at their forever home.  While out for a walk, the entire family stopped by the ACF for a visit a couple of days after they took Sadie and Hailey home.  They love walking, playing and cuddling with newest members of their family!

Author: PAWS Dog Adoption Team

Photographer: Kim Johnson




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