PAWS Board of Directors

Pictured are the current members of the PAWS Board of Directors (or one of their favorite animal friends). Our board meets monthly, and provides critical guidance and direction to the staff and volunteers of PAWS. Each member of the board brings a combination of professional experience and a passion for animal advocacy that enable PAWS to be a successful organization driven by compassion.  

Teresa Leighty


Teresa felt the call to volunteer with rescue animals following the passing of her devoted companion Dio, with whom she spent over ten joy filled years. She began volunteering as a PAWS dog walker, and quickly spearheaded the creation of the PAWS behavior team to provides care to dogs whose behavior could be a barrier to successful adoption. Teresa became the board President in 2019, and her involvement with PAWS has made her a life-long animal advocate, especially for senior pets and those with special medical or behavioral needs. Today Teresa is a proud foster mom to beautiful Skye, a senior pitbull who was abandoned in Coronado. In addition to being a beloved member of Teresa’s family, Skye provides entertainment for Teresa’s business meetings as she snores loudly through every zoom call.  

Lisa Missett

Vice President 

After years as a devoted dog mom, Lisa put her passion for animal welfare to work by joining the PAWS dog walking team in 2016. Beginning with Skye, a sweet pitbull with extra training needs, Lisa fell in love with the dogs with special behavioral needs who remind her of her first rescued Rottweiler Angel. Angel taught her that every dog deserves a second chance . This love for dogs has manifested in devoted service to the PAWS behavior team, and the successful adoption of many PAWS behavior team graduates. In addition to her service as a board member, Lisa is a dedicated PAWS volunteer still today.  

Rita Moore


Rita’s love for animals is demonstrated best through her relationship with her beloved rescue Elvis. An inseparable pair, Rita and Elvis are both regulars at PAWS events where Rita uses her background in professional marketing to help build the PAWS community. As an active volunteer in many philanthropic organizations, what Rita loves about PAWS is that it bridges the gap between human and animal hearts. Rita brings kindness, energy, and enthusiasm to all she does for PAWS, and Canine City Council Member Elvis follows lovingly at her side. 

Stanley Salinda

Board Member

Following his retirement from a distinguished medical career, Stan began to look for a way to put his love for animals into action. In a home with two adored rescued Bichons, an animal rescue organization was a natural match. Stan loves PAWS because he sees the impact the organization has not only on our community’s animals, but its people as well. Stan’s medical background helps him to bring essential perspective to the PAWS board on issues regarding animal health and care, and his love for animals is evident in his service. 

Linda Southard

Board Member 

As a long time resident of Coronado, Linda was familiar with PAWS long before she joined the Board of Directors. In addition to bringing her valued professional input to board proceedings, Linda is one of PAWS’ most devoted foster parents. Linda is dedicated to helping find homes for animals with special needs, and is an advocate for compassionate hospice care for pets in their final days. Since 2014 Linda and her husband have served as hospice fosters for Ollie, a beagle mix with a heart condition, and Bobby and Jelly who are both still living out their golden days in the comfort and care of Linda’s home. 

Casey Tanaka

Board Member

In his time on City Council and as the Mayor of Coronado, Casey developed a sincere appreciation for PAWS’ impact in the community. He saw volunteers foster dogs and cats in their own homes, walk and care for animals at the ACF, nurse kittens who were no bigger than an adult’s thumb, and so much more. Casey brings leadership and community connections to the PAWS board as a long time Coronado public servant, and provides a loving home to his pup companion Leo McGarry. Adopted from PAWS in 2012, Leo hasn’t left Casey’s side since the day he came home. 

Thomas Campbell

Board Member

After a career dedicated to public service as an officer in the United States Navy, and 12 additional years as a senior business executive, Tom turned his talents toward his passion for ensuring the humane treatment of all animals. While Tom is devoted to helping all of PAWS ‘ adoptable pets find homes, he holds a special place in his heart for large breed and highly active dogs who need the exact right home to ensure their lifelong success. Tom has been a resident of Coronado since 1976, and believes that an animal could find no better place to live than in and around our Crown City. 

Barbara Borden

Board Member

Barbara has been a member of the Coronado community since 1997. After raising her children here, and becoming an active member of the Coronado fitness community, this city has truly become her home. As a decorated mergers and acquisitions lawyer, Barbara brings an invaluable depth of legal knowledge to the PAWS Board of Directors along with a passion for animal welfare. Motivated by her love for her two dogs Piper, a Cocker Spaniel, and Izzy, a King Cavalier Charles, Barb joined PAWS to ensure that all animals are able to have a loving home like hers in the city that she loves.